Taking Your Thanksgiving Dinner to the Next Level With Unique Recipes

When you think about Thanksgiving recipes, what comes to mind? Turkey. Mashed potatoes. Pumpkin Pie. Corn. Stuffing. Burritos. Wait a minute. Burritos? That does not seem to fit in! But what if your family loves burritos? Thanksgiving does not have to just include the traditional recipes. With a little imagination and the input of the rest of your family, you can choose great recipes that everyone will enjoy, regardless of the foods are "traditional."

First, think about what your family likes to eat best. During Thanksgiving, you should be giving thanks for the food you enjoy together. Why not prepare the foods you enjoy? If you and your family do no care for turkey, there's no need to spend all day roasting a bird. You can start off with the traditional menus and replace certain items or you can start from scratch to make an absolutely new menu. The more you love the meal, the better your Thanksgiving will be. Trying sitting down as a family with as many of the people who will be attending the dinner as possible. Share Thanksgiving recipes and ideas at what you'd like see on the table.

When making your Thanksgiving meal plan, however, it is important to include foods from all food groups. A traditional Thanksgiving meal has recipes that include all the major vitamins, minerals, fats, and proteins that we need to lead a healthy, balanced life. If you're going to be preparing a non-traditional type of meal, make sure that your recipes include options for all food groups as well.

Also, think about your Thanksgiving meal in terms of courses. You should include a lighter course or dish to start. Salads and soups make good options. The main course should include an entrée and side dishes. The entrée is usually a meat dish, but do not be afraid to think outside of the box-a vegetarian or pasta dish can work well too. Lastly, do not forget about dessert! Pumpkins, apples, and other fall fruits are great when you're coming up with recipe ideas.

Keep in mind the preparation that comes with the Thanksgiving recipes you choose. A turkey traditional takes a long time to thaw and cook, but with a turkey, you can stick it in the oven and simply check on it as you're preparing other dishes. However, some entrées must be prepared closer to the time of the dinner. It can be difficult trying to make entrées, side dishes, appetizers, and desserts all at the same time! Make sure that the timing works out or that you have lots of helping hands in the kitchen. When possible, prepare dishes, at least part of the way, ahead of time and freeze or refrigerate.

The bottom line? Thanksgiving is not about the specific foods you eat. It's about spending time enjoying a meal with your family and giving thanks for the good foods and company that you have been provided. Consider unique dishes and recipes this Thanksgiving if that's what will make your family happiest.