Anniversary Gifts Forty

The question a lot of people ask is why did the makers of these anniversary lists wait so long to make an anniversary gift so great and so wide open? If you're wondering what this fabulous gift is, wonder no more. It's something that many people do probably more than anything else in the world. No, it's not what you're thinking. It's called travel.

That's right. This year's anniversary gift idea is travel and not a day too soon. This is another one of those gifts that should have been on the list about 40 years ago. Why should anyone have to wait 43 years to give their spouse a gift of travel? Well, if you're wondering what to do for this great gift, we've got a few ideas. One of them is sure to strike just the right chord.

For starters, you want to make this a complete surprise, not so much that you're going to be going away, but where you're headed. You can not just drag your spouse out of the house and say that you're going away for your anniversary. Ladies especially need time to plan and pack. So prepare your spouse in advance. A month should be more than enough time. Also, you're going to need to tell your spouse how long you intend to be away. This way your spouse will know how much to pack. Finally, you need to tell your spouse the climate you're going to be going to so your spouse will know what kind of clothes to pack.

After all that is taken care of, it's time for you to actually plan the trip. One idea is to make it a weekend getaway. If you're near a shore resort and it's summer, that's a perfect time to spend a weekend at the beach. Maybe go to a beach you used to go to when you were first married or even dating. If the old hotel is still there, you can see if you can get a room for that weekend. If possible, get the same room that you had for your honeymoon, if that's where you went.

If however, you're smack dab in the middle of winter and there's no place to go that is not snowed under, you might want to plan one of those two-week cruises to the Bahamas. There are plenty of travel agencies that handle things like that. Just open up the phone book or even go online and look for something. Cruises run almost daily so you should not have any trouble finding one around the time of your anniversary.

If a cruise is not quite your thing, especially if you or your spouse gets sea sick, you might want to consider a flight to another state of even another country. Again, this is a trip where you're probably going to want to spend a couple of weeks. If you're going to a foreign country, make sure you bring a dictionary with you so you can ask for basic things in that language. Not everybody speaks English or whatever language it is you speak.

There are many options for travel, even as simple as a day trip somewhere. With just a little thought, you should have no trouble finding just the right place to go to in order to make this year's anniversary gift one that you'll both remember for a very long time.