1955 Classic Sidewalk Cruiser Hot Rod Pedal Car

For anyone looking for a unique gift to give to their child this year for Christmas, I highly recommend pedal cars. There are so many to choose from when considering brands, models, features, and styles. One in particular that makes a great gift is the 1955 Classic Sidewalk Cruiser Hot Rod Pedal Car.

The number one feature for this pedal car is safety. It has been toy safety tested and approved. Not only that but it has adjustable five position pedals, which is great obviously because not every child is the same size. Instead of your child growing out of this pedal car in a year's time, it can grow with your child. Just adjust the pedals to suit your child's needs. It is made for children ages three to six. Unlike some ride-on toys, the pedals are made of rubber adding to the comfort of this ride-on. It helps with grip as well, your child's feet are more likely to stay put on the pedal instead of sliding off during active play.

The Classic Sidewalk Cruiser is made of an all steel construction with real rubber tires. These features alone make it a durable ride that will last through all the wear and tear a young child can dish out. There's a padded seat to add to the comfort factor of this pedal car as well as a sealed bearing mechanism. It rides smooth and easily.

Style is definitely the main attraction of the 1955 Classic Sidewalk Cruiser Hot Rod. Adding to the flair of this pedal car is a chrome windshield, steering wheel, hub caps, and a two-tone black enamel finish. The padded seat resembles leather, and the flames on the sides really give it that extra kick of style. It really is a blast from the past!

So if you are looking for a gift for a little one, whether it be a birthday, Christmas, or any occasion, I highly recommend this one of a kind pedal car. It will stand the test of time, provide years of fun for your child, and will become a treasured toy for the family. Not only does it serve its purpose as a child's ride-on toy, but it would also be perfect for collectors.

A quick breakdown of dimensions is as follows:

Length: 38 inches
Width: 17 inches
Height: 19 inches
Weight: 37 lbs.

Prices on this pedal car do vary from store to store, but the average price looks to range from $ 279- $ 300. As always, adult supervision is recommended for this toy, and minor assembly is required. Other than that, thank you for reading and God Bless!